Tuesday, February 28

yesterday was sunny, today is cloudy

I love this romper and blouse that I've had for years. 
I find that the best clothing are pieces that are unique and on trend to a certain degree, yet are timeless because of their versatility. If the weather was warmer, I would have not worn the blouse underneath, but today was super chilly and breezy.
 I like how the blouse gives this outfit a bit more texture: the bright yellow ruffles allow the leaf print of the romper to stand out. I usually love playing with color; but with the colder weather,  today called for a more subtle color palette. 
I do LOVE color though, so the neon orange pop of color was a necessity. 

                                                                    Chilly Spring Look: 
                                     Sweater Duster: UK Style by French Connection, Sears
                                                           Yellow Ruffled Blouse: H&M
                                                        Leaf Printed Romper: Forever21
                                                                  Neon Bag: Forever21
                                                               Off White Ribbed Tights
                                                  Army Green Oxfords: Banana Republic


Oscar Review

My favorite part of any award show is the fashion, duh! 
The Oscars were great on Sunday night, even though I think I saw only 10 percent of the films nominated. 
Thank you, reality TV, for the minor distraction.
 Anyways, back to the uhmazziiiing fashion from the Oscars....

Michelle Williams looking absolutely stunning in this red tulle gown by Louis Vuitton. I love the peplum detail!

I love her funky style and pixie cut. She has always fashionably stood out among young Hollywood.
I think it is only right to show Meryl some love. She is such an amazing actress. I dug how she was an Oscar herself in this Lavin gown. 
Rose Byrne is so awesome. I loved her white jumpsuit at the SAG Awards and I am still loving her  style! This 70's inspired look is super fabulous. 
The back of this Vivienne Westwood sequin gown is just to die for. The jewelry by Chanel is also just gorgeous!
Rooney is so cool style wise. Of course, she would rock this avant-garde gown with very little jewelry. I love this Givenchy Couture gown.

It drapes and fits her body like a glove. 
One of my style icons. I love Gwyneth, and she looks super fabulous in this Tom Ford gown. I love her style because she is always so elegant and chic. She makes it look like it took no effort at all! Who doesn't love some luxe-minimal??

Penelope Cruz always rocks the red carpet- the Oscars were no exception. I love how she rocked a different color other than red, black, and white. Her off the shoulder lavender ball gown, by Armani Prive,  is just fabulous.



Monday, February 27

Late Afternoon Spring Look

I love my new shirt that I randomly found while shopping at F21. Typically I don't feel very comfortable going braless, but sometimes fashion calls for it.
 Good thing my girlfriend Jackie was there to give me some confidence!! ;)
This spring, I am all about prints and colors!
 I love how the teal looks against the black shorts, allowing the floral print to stand out. It's still chilly outside, so warm sweaters and tights are still a must. I love this vintage cashmere sweater; it literally goes with any outfit. The boots are vintage Gucci, which once belonged to my grandmother. 
The contrast of textures- the heavy boots and sweater paired with the light cotton shirt and shorts- is a great way to rock that "in-between seasons" look. 

Jackie and I are printed out.


Oh yeah, and afterwards we got amazing Indian food at this place called Curry Up Now!
Jackie is posing with her deconstructed samosa, and her boyfriend Justin is hiding in the back with his munchies :)
We always have the best (and stylish) times together! 
Late Afternoon Spring Look:
Cropped Blue Shell: Forever21
Black Floral High Waisted Shorts: Top Shop, on sale for 10 Euros
Cashmere Cardigan,  Vintage
Dotted Tights: H&M
Boots: Gucci, Vintage
Bug Cocktail Ring, Vintage
Necklace, Urban Outfitters


Sunday, February 26

Los Gatos Day Trip: Nighttime Edition

After Grace and I got to LG and met up with Paulina, we decided to go out to dinner at Sino on Santa Row. It is such a fabulous restaurant with a great ambiance. Their take on Asian fusion cuisine is delicious. 
Since we were going out to eat, I wanted to wear an outfit that was super cute, but also comfortable (we were hungry hehe ).
 I love this vest of Paulina's, which is actually a jacket that you can zip the sleeves off of.  
Gotta love versatile clothing!
 We had a really great time, so obviously we felt the need to photog the entire night!! 
Hope you enjoy our silly pictures!
LOTS of flashy cars on the Row.

We always like making friends.

Who said they had to be humans!?!

Wish I had a silly picture, but that is what happens with you are the photog.



Shirt: I.N.C.
Studded Vest: TOV G INC 
Leggings: French Connection UK
Boots: Banana Republic


Saturday, February 25

Day Trip: Los Gatos

Today, I went to Los Gatos with my friend Grace, and we met up with our other friend Paulina to discuss our Vegas outfits. WOW
I am completely overloaded with different outfits that I want to bring, but I keep forgetting that I am only staying three nights. I think it's a given that I am going to overpack. 
 Anywho, here is the look that I wore this afternoon driving down south.
 It's just a really simple and comfortable look, but definelity still cute worthy. My mom gave me this vintage white tee that is embellished with gold beads. 
 I layered the tee over a black dress- belted it- threw on my cardi and boots- color pop of green- and...basically called it a day
Sometimes the best outfits are ones that require little thought or effort.
Here are a few pics of my look and my time spent in the LG:



Paulina's adorable dog Shanna & her toy.

Muppet face on straight! 

Grace and  Paulina supppper thirsty! :p

The lovely Grace

An old man named Leo insisted that we have a picture with the three of us. Thank you, Leo.


Shirt: White Vintage Tee, Gold Beaded Embellishment: Paris, 1980s
Black Dress: UK Style by French Connection, Sears ;)
Boots: Banana Republic
Gold Cuff with Green Stone: Caba San Lucas, Mexico, 2007
Sunglasses: H&M


Friday, February 24

Dying for a Freaky Friday Moment with Tommy Ton

I just finished reading my Bazaar and loved Tommy Ton's spread on street fashion.
I love Tommy Ton's pictures of street style. 
This Friday, all I was thinking about was how amazing it would be to switch places with him for a day.
Freaky Friday remake (fashion edition), I think so. 
 His fashion perspective and eye for style is remarkable. 
I adore his uses of color, and the way he frames his shots are just to die for. 
He makes the viewer just want to scream, "I want all these pieces now!!"
Great shades: sunglasses & pastels
From Bazar's March 2012 issue: COLORS...yes please!
Mustard Color Block. So Fun.

Love anything animal print, which make these shoes ggrrreat.
Fabulous mixture of prints and textures. 

Can that pleaseee be me on the far left. Socks and heels: such a fierce statement! 
                                                 So green with ENVY right about now.

                                                      Oh yeah, can't forget about the male street apparel. So uhmaziing.

Green Hat, Tortoise Glass, & Denim Shirt!

Parka Chic.