Sunday, February 26

Los Gatos Day Trip: Nighttime Edition

After Grace and I got to LG and met up with Paulina, we decided to go out to dinner at Sino on Santa Row. It is such a fabulous restaurant with a great ambiance. Their take on Asian fusion cuisine is delicious. 
Since we were going out to eat, I wanted to wear an outfit that was super cute, but also comfortable (we were hungry hehe ).
 I love this vest of Paulina's, which is actually a jacket that you can zip the sleeves off of.  
Gotta love versatile clothing!
 We had a really great time, so obviously we felt the need to photog the entire night!! 
Hope you enjoy our silly pictures!
LOTS of flashy cars on the Row.

We always like making friends.

Who said they had to be humans!?!

Wish I had a silly picture, but that is what happens with you are the photog.



Shirt: I.N.C.
Studded Vest: TOV G INC 
Leggings: French Connection UK
Boots: Banana Republic


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