Thursday, February 9

stepping into the blogosphere

About a month ago, I started posting my outfits on the site, with very little expectation of  success. I was really hesitant about becoming a part of the blogosphere world, but as of recently, I have grown to appreciate this community. It truly allows all types of different people and cultures to come together, which is

Here is what I was wearing on Super Bowl Sunday, when I went to the Legion of Honor Museum with my friend Jackie.  Art does override football in my life. We had an absolutely ah-maziiing time- Jackie styled my look for the day. As an inspiring stylist, Jackie is beyond unique and sooo fashionably aware. We both have a bit of a funky style, mine being more preppy and Jackie's being more boho; but the combo of those two styles looked really amazing. 


The red from the lace skirt helped pop the Lita's purple hue. This vintage Coach bag is to DIE for as well. This duster is so comfortable and still chic. It just drapes the outfit so well. In my opinion: BELTS ARE A MUST. It completes the whole look

Museum Look:
Skirt: Forever 21
Tank: C&C
Duster: Sway
Shoes: Jeffery Campbell Litas
Bag: Vintage Coach

Jackie and I need at least 0NE candid hehe (^▽^) 



  1. love the skirt the shoes and the purse!! love it!! grear look!!
    Mitsue ♡

  2. I saw these looks on your friends blog, I love them! Excited to see more posts!