Tuesday, February 28

yesterday was sunny, today is cloudy

I love this romper and blouse that I've had for years. 
I find that the best clothing are pieces that are unique and on trend to a certain degree, yet are timeless because of their versatility. If the weather was warmer, I would have not worn the blouse underneath, but today was super chilly and breezy.
 I like how the blouse gives this outfit a bit more texture: the bright yellow ruffles allow the leaf print of the romper to stand out. I usually love playing with color; but with the colder weather,  today called for a more subtle color palette. 
I do LOVE color though, so the neon orange pop of color was a necessity. 

                                                                    Chilly Spring Look: 
                                     Sweater Duster: UK Style by French Connection, Sears
                                                           Yellow Ruffled Blouse: H&M
                                                        Leaf Printed Romper: Forever21
                                                                  Neon Bag: Forever21
                                                               Off White Ribbed Tights
                                                  Army Green Oxfords: Banana Republic



  1. Wicked snapshots.

  2. This outfit is so gorgeous! I love the muted colors. It goes perfectly with the weather. (^^)