Wednesday, February 15

Preppy Chic @ NY Fashion Week

 It is simply breathtaking to look at all the lines showcased at this year's NYFW Fall 2012. I am seriously dying to go! One day...
but for the time being, I have admired from my computer screen. 

I loved all the uses of color, textures, and patterns. There were so many creative and ingenious combinations that left me speechless. 

J.Crew really surprised me. I lovvvved how they mixed so many different combinations of patterns and colors. The line's vision of a "head to toe look" was a perfect description of the different styles: so many details going on, yet there was a sense of completion that is layered piece by piece- genius

I also loved the different Marc by Marc Jacobs outerwear pieces, super cute. 

Love these two warm colors together.
Great for the fall. 

Derek Lam had a great line for the Fall 2012.
 I love bright and bold colors, so I was surprised by how much I enjoyed these looks.Although monochrome, I love how each look has a small pop of color or metallic, which is seriously too fabulous.  

I just looked at all the looks posted
 I am definitely feeling the preppy chic vibe taking place!!

                                                                  Till the next timeee..


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