Friday, February 24

Dying for a Freaky Friday Moment with Tommy Ton

I just finished reading my Bazaar and loved Tommy Ton's spread on street fashion.
I love Tommy Ton's pictures of street style. 
This Friday, all I was thinking about was how amazing it would be to switch places with him for a day.
Freaky Friday remake (fashion edition), I think so. 
 His fashion perspective and eye for style is remarkable. 
I adore his uses of color, and the way he frames his shots are just to die for. 
He makes the viewer just want to scream, "I want all these pieces now!!"
Great shades: sunglasses & pastels
From Bazar's March 2012 issue: COLORS...yes please!
Mustard Color Block. So Fun.

Love anything animal print, which make these shoes ggrrreat.
Fabulous mixture of prints and textures. 

Can that pleaseee be me on the far left. Socks and heels: such a fierce statement! 
                                                 So green with ENVY right about now.

                                                      Oh yeah, can't forget about the male street apparel. So uhmaziing.

Green Hat, Tortoise Glass, & Denim Shirt!

Parka Chic.



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