Saturday, February 25

Day Trip: Los Gatos

Today, I went to Los Gatos with my friend Grace, and we met up with our other friend Paulina to discuss our Vegas outfits. WOW
I am completely overloaded with different outfits that I want to bring, but I keep forgetting that I am only staying three nights. I think it's a given that I am going to overpack. 
 Anywho, here is the look that I wore this afternoon driving down south.
 It's just a really simple and comfortable look, but definelity still cute worthy. My mom gave me this vintage white tee that is embellished with gold beads. 
 I layered the tee over a black dress- belted it- threw on my cardi and boots- color pop of green- and...basically called it a day
Sometimes the best outfits are ones that require little thought or effort.
Here are a few pics of my look and my time spent in the LG:



Paulina's adorable dog Shanna & her toy.

Muppet face on straight! 

Grace and  Paulina supppper thirsty! :p

The lovely Grace

An old man named Leo insisted that we have a picture with the three of us. Thank you, Leo.


Shirt: White Vintage Tee, Gold Beaded Embellishment: Paris, 1980s
Black Dress: UK Style by French Connection, Sears ;)
Boots: Banana Republic
Gold Cuff with Green Stone: Caba San Lucas, Mexico, 2007
Sunglasses: H&M


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