Sunday, February 19

Santa Cruzzin Day Trip

On Friday, I drove down to Santa Cruz to visit my bff Jackie
We had a great time just hanging out and doing girly things. Jackie has a really cute apartment, and I love her orange couch! 
I always feel inspired by  the atmosphere around me. Santa Cruz just made me feel so comfortable and laid back, which coincidentally brought out more of my funky side.

I also picked up some dresses from Jackie's that I purchased for Vegas.
 The next two weeks have to hurry up!!

Here's just some random shots that I took while hanging out.
I had such an amazing time. Can't wait to go back! 
Jackie looking her always  adorable self. 

Being a dork. 

Cruzzin in Santa Cruz. 

Just beautiful nature everywhere. 

Great childhood memories spent at the boardwalk. 


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  1. This post is so sweet. You look as gorgeous as ever, and I cannot wait to see you work your fab dresses in Vegas. I miss you already! Meow!!