Wednesday, March 14

What I am doing while not blogging...

Ironically, my internship involves me blogging. 

Although I would much rather blog about fashion, music blogging is super interesting and fun to do. I love all genres of music, which is why I love this company that I am interning for.
Zatoon Records is a super awesome/amazing/innovative/modern type of company. 

Based in San Francisco, Zatoon offers a wide array of amazing art through multiple mediums, which it is delivered through. 
The three main components to the company are its music production, a music blog, and as of this week, an apparel company.

Obviously, I am thrilled about its clothing line, which consists of tees and hoodies. 
Now, normally I am not a tee and jean kind of girl, but these tees are amazing 
(and I am not just saying that because I intern there) because they are so authentic in their design. 

They are using artists from all over the world- so you know that the line will be diverse and interesting! 
Since the line has not officially launched yet, here is a little sneak peek of what Zatoon has to offer.

Please comment! I would love to hear what people think about the line. 

Mind you: this is only a portion of a larger picture that is on a tee.. LOTS of details.

SF Tee (also a small portion):  Love this rep of the 415. 


P.S. Also check out the music blog! My entries are under "aDub" (hehe). 

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