Wednesday, March 21

Trend Alert: Plaid

It's not like plaid ever goes out of style,
 but this fall it's bringing a new level of chic. 
So sorry, polka dots, I still love you, but I am ready for a change.
Plaid is such a great versatile fabric
 that can be worn in many different styles and colors.
Tory Burch, by far, had the best usage of plaid.
 Sometimes I find plaid to be a bit masculine,
 but Tory Burch's Fall collection demonstrates that plaid is just as girlie. 

Here are some of the best executions of this hot fall trend: 

Just one of the many combinations Tory Burch does with plaid:
Metallic and Plaid

Plaid Combo: Green Plaid
Plaid Combo: Blue on Red Plaid
Plaid Combo: Sequins and Plaid

Final Tory Burch Plaid Combo: Florals and Plaid
Band of Outsiders also does a great job with plaid.
Red plaid seems like a typical color choice when wearing plaid,but this look is fresh.
I love this western look with the heavy trench, because it doesn't weigh down the dress. 
L.A.M.B. does a great job at showing a younger way to of wearing plaid. 
This plaid suit reminds me so much of clueless. I love this modern take on a classic look. 
The neon pop of color really highlights plaid well. 
Just a quick look of how plaid has transformed over the years.
Definitely loving this ensemble though. So 90s chic,


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