Thursday, March 8

New Cheap Jeans!

I love these new high waisted pink jeans from Urban Outfitters, and they were only $9.99! 
What a deal!
 I am super cautious about camel toe in high waisted pants, but today I thought
 what the heck- they make my butt look good ;) 
I paired them with a pink checkered cropped blouse and a colorful sweater. 
Lots of pink: pants, shirt, toes ;)
Butt Check 
This ring is awesome (and was only $4!)
Matching Toes!
Lots of colors going on today.

Pink Look:
Jeans: Les FOLLES de joie, Urban Outfitters
Shirt: D&G, vintage circa 1990s
Jacket: Missoni for Target, Target
Belt: MaxMara, vintage circa 1980s
Plastic Cocktail Ring: H&M
Leather Sandals: Elena Solano


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