Saturday, March 24

Review: JPG @ deYoung

I had the most amazing time at the John Paul Gaultier exhibit with  Jackie
I cannot express my gratitude to Gilt City and Jackie,
for allowing me to experience such a one of a kind experience! 
Last night, seriously felt like a crazy dream. 
When we first entered the museum,
the whole opening was filled with models and other staff workers getting makeup and outfits prepped. There was so much creative energy whirling around,
basically a lot of fabulous chaos
Jackie and I were fortunate enough to go inside this exclusive room, 
where John Paul was hanging out with his entourage. 
(As I told Jackie all night, we would do so well in a fashion entourage- tres chic.)
It was too surreal being in the same room with such a genius, 
and also with so many fabulously dressed people. 

Okay, the party was obviously a hit, 
so onto the actual exhibition...

I was overcome with awe at the exhibition.
 I had read about the robotic mannequins, with little idea what to expect. 
It was simply amazing, and must be seen in person:
basically, faces are projected onto plain mannequins.
The result is beyond realistic- such a trip. 

There were so many people and so many things to observe; 
I will admit that I needed more time to take in everything. 

I am so ready to go again!
I don't want to give away too much,
because I really believe anyone, who is able, should go see it.  

I decided to instagram the entire day
(I know, such a dork- but we were reeeeaaally excited):

Jackie's mom did our hair:
Jackie did a multi braided chignon,
and I had a beautiful French braid twisted from one side to the other. 
YAY! About to leave, full view looks to come soon!
SF <3

John Paul Gaultier mannequin. 
Where the projections came from. 
House music by JPG, circa year of birth 1989.

Madonna flashbacks.
Just a glimpse at some of the amazing couture on display. 

Punk love. 

His detailing is out of this world. 
The entertainment was indescribable.
Basically: a crazy, hypersexualized marching band sums it up. 
If that description didn't help, here is another shot of the performers. 

Can't wait to get more pictures/ videos from Jackie! 
Till then...


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