Monday, March 19

Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition @ the de Young

Last week, my friend Jackie informed me that I was going
to be her plus one to La Grande Fête. 
La Grande Fête, basically, is going to be a fabulous party
 that will celebrate the designer' s first major exhibition.
Since he has been around for years, 
I was actually shocked when I read that this was his first major exhibition,
 but regardless, I cannot wait to see his 35- year body of work! 

Jean Paul Gaultier describes his exhibition as, 
"not a stuffy retrospective," with the hopes to make people, 
"understand that beauty can be found everywhere; even in the least expected places 
and that there is not one kind of beauty, but many kinds."

I am so excited to view "Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk," 
because the installations are going to be out of this world.
As I was reading the SF Chronicle, I was slowing freaking out 
about the multitude of technological effects that will be taking place.

 I'm especially excited about the unique mannequins that will be at the show- 
 mannequins that will come alive via audiovisual projections: 
what a  trip
It also will include 120 haute couture and pret-a-porter designs, 
covering a huge time lapse (1970s- 2010). 

I cannot believe I am going to be able to see it a day before its official opening! 
Ek, must figure out an outfit ASAP!
I cannot wait to write about the actual experience!

TGIF has a whole new meaning this week


P.S. The pictures in this post are some of my favorite looks
 from John Paul Gaultier's Spring 2012 Couture collection. 

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