Monday, March 12

Amazing Afternoon

I am still laughing about my afternoon spent with my biff Jackie. We always have so much fun together. 
Today, our style session got super silly: we had our own ANTM competition. 
Our pose off was too funny- and Jackie definitely won! 
My look today was super girlie girl. I was feeling like a Gossip Girl inspired fit. 
I love this dress that I got from Sway, which is on sale now so check it out ;)
I am a layering-kind-of-gal. 
So although this dress is gorgeous solely by itself, I definitely needed to add on the colored tights and patterned blouse. 
Here are a few adorable pictures of Jackie and I being our completely ridiculous selves.


F FASHION! jkkkkkk!

 Girlie Girl Look:
Love all the layers in this look: color, textures, and patterns. 
Love these round glasses of Jac's that I borrowed. They gave this preppy look a more boho feel.  
Sky High Mary Janes with a pop of color. 
Close Up: Love this muted pastel color combo for spring.
 Wish I had a pop of neon for this look!
Cutesy Earrings to finish the look. 

Mary Janes: Steve Madden
Magenta Tights: M&S; Southport
Peggy Dress: Many Belles Down; Sway
Blouse: UK Style by French Connection; Sears
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Heart Earrings: F21
Bow Headband: F21


p.s. I really want to post this video of me and Jackie, but I don't know if the blogger world can handle or silliness. 

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  1. I love this and I love you. POST THE VID! Hahahaa