Friday, March 30

Recycle: How to pair it over, and over, and over again...

Do you ever have those pieces that you could wear over and over again?
I love finding new and creative ways to style some of my favorite pieces. 
Here are some of my ultimate pieces that I like to wear over and over again, 
but always with a different flare. Future spring piece makeovers in the works :)

My Brown Leather Jacket:
I waited about three years to find the perfect leather jacket, and I finally found one about a year ago, while I was visiting family in England. When purchases expensive pieces, it so important to me to find pieces that I will like for a long time. This jacket's details, in particular, were so intricate that I fell in love immediately. 

Flirty Lace Skirt:
I love this skirt, which was so cheap from F21. It is a great piece for the spring. I can't wait to wear it once the weather gets warmer: a little skin would make the skirt so hawt <3. 

That LBD: 
I have a bunch of black dresses, but this simply jersey long sleeve one was my ultimate favorite this winter. The ruching of the dress is my favorite part; it makes it look like a skirt when layered.

Cashmere Cozy Grandpa Cardigan: 
I got this treasure from my grandmother. It is so warm, and has the perfect amount of lazy grandma chic without being frumpy. I could wear this over any outfit. 

Everyday Booties:
I'm not really a shoeaholic. I tend to wear a pair of shoes over and over in a season, to the point where I can't wear them again. These Steve Madden booties have been my staple boot this season. I liked them because I found them to be pretty season neutral. 

Striped Long Sleeve Shirt: 
Once you find the perfect long sleeve shirt, its pretty hard to stop wearing it.
 I love stripes, so this shirt was a great find.  
The details of the front

Printed Leggings:
My mom thought I was ridiculous for buying leggings with bears all over them. She didn't think I would get a lot of use out of them: oh was she wrong! I love these leggings, which I wear all the time. They are so much fun to pair with different colors and trends. My little hipster prep (yes, a bit ironic) comes out when I put them on. 



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  2. You're so good at mixing up the same pieces in your wardrobe! I love youuuu!

  3. u've got some cool clothes my dear! lov'em!

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  4. Awesome posts on how to make the most out of an article of clothing! Loved all the looks! ;)

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