Wednesday, June 6

Place of Work: Gumshoe

Being a style blogger, I would love to work in some crazy fashion house,
 living the ultimate glamorous life that comes with a fabulous job. A girl can dream...
For the time being, I have been working in an adorable children's shoe store, which has been an amazing experience so far. I have being learning so much about how a business runs,
 and most importantly what it takes to be successful in a fashion business.
I decided to bring my camera to work and took these awesome pictures of our merchandise
 (i.e. my personal favorites). 
Gumshoe has such a great selection of shoes for babies and children: 
Keens, Cole Haan, See Kai Run, L'Amour (just to name a few).
The best part about working at Gumshoe though is seeing a child walk out of the store with his or her new shoes on; their satisfied smiles are too darling.
I am such a sucker for a cute kid, especially when wearing even cuter shoes! :P

OF COURSE, I brought Poppy to work! I just loved him too much.

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