Saturday, April 21

Santa Cruz Friday 4/20 Look

Santa Cruz is an extremely liberal and open-minded city. 
So, of course, a day like 4/20 is obviously celebrated to the max. 
Jackie and some of our friends hiked over to a meadow where 
a ridiculous amount of people were hanging out. 
I felt like green was only appropriate on this day. 
This look is definitely a bit more edgy than I normally would go, 
but I ended up really loving this color combination with the dotted Docs.

Green Leggings
Striped Blouse: F21
Dotted Docs: Dr.Martens 


P.S. Can't wait to post some pics of this day that were not fashion related!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I really love this outfit! The bright striped top paired with forest green leggings and dotted Docs makes for an eye-catching outfit that totally works! :)
    Also, in that fourth pic you look so much like Demi Lovato!

    Trendy Teal